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Machining and supply of spare parts

Any type of parts

Our production means allow us to manufacture in our workshops, any type of mechanical parts, whatever their dimensions:

  • screws
  • nuts
  • connecting rods
  • rams
  • crankshafts
  • bearings
  • wheels...

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Drawing conception

Our technical department is able to do drawings from existing parts. We have in house a measuring arm to perform detailed measurments. 


Reactivity, rapidity

Our stock of raw material allow us to guarantee very short delivery times on a lot of strategical parts. 

Also shifts work, 2 to 3 shifts in case of emergency, ensure a highly appreciated reactivity in case of breakdown on production line.  

stock of raw material and shifts work

Our production means

  • 1 CNC lathe 9000mm between centers, max diameter 1900mm
  • 1 CNC lathe 3000mm between centers, max diameter 1200mm
  • 1 milling machine max 1600x1600mm
  • CNC and conventional milling machines, max1500x1200x6000mm
  • 1 grinding machine
  • Several slotting machines
  • Several CNC and conventional lathes
  • 1 measuring arm FARO