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AREF BarnaulKE - KI

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40 T > 315 T

De 40 T à 315 T

KI and KE C-frame presses are designed for cold cutting and drawing of sheet metal. 

These presses can also be used to cut metal parts and sometimes for hot forming. Thanks to their stroke and shutheight these presses are multi-purpose. 


Press composition:

Frame: high rigidity mechanically welded one piece frame. 

Drive: the rotation movement is passed to the flywheel (mounted on a roll bearing) the by the motor, through a pulley/belt system. 

Clutch: installed on the intermediary shaft, at the back of the press, it is operated by a double solenoid valve. 

Brake: installed on the intermediary shaft opposite the clutch. 

Ram: mechanically welded equiped with a hydraulic overload to protect the press and dies in case of abnormal overload.  

Ram guiding: 8 long adjustable guideways. 




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